Dmitri Shkurski

Summary email: [email protected]
Computer engineer with 9+ years of professional experience, solid knowledge of C/C++, x86 assembly, system programming and binary code analysis. Have consistent understanding of concepts on various abstraction levels: from low-level development and optimization to general software design principles. Strive for simple and quality solutions delivered on time. Spent most of the career working remotely.
• x86 assembly, C
• C++, Rust
• Python
• STL, Qt Core, Boost
• WinNT (ring3), WinAPI
• IDA Pro
• reverse engineering and low-level debugging
• application security
• OOP, OOD, design patterns
• asynchronous programming
• network programming
• algorightms and data structures
• control flow graph analysis
• compiler theory basics
• knowledge of malware detection methods
• development experience for Windows, MacOS and Linux
[2019 .. ]
Software Engineer, Contractor
@ Svitla Systems
• design, implementation and maintenance of a low-level device controller library which purpose is the interaction with various hardware products via unified interface;
• worked on the design and implemented the key back-end part to support a transactional migration process between significantly diverged software versions;
• ported a firmware updater from Python to a native C++ application with support of Windows, MacOS and Linux (ChromeOS) systems.
[2017 .. 2019]
Software Engineer, Reverse Engineer
@ COMODO Group
• participated in the development of antiviral scan engine (malware unpacker, virtual machine, dynamic code translator);
• reverse engineering, design and implementation of a low-level system monitoring library;
• worked closely with the security team on detecting an attempts to exploit security vulnerabilities;
• worked on a runtime unpacker of Windows executable modules.
[2014 .. 2016]
Independent Contractor, Freelancer
• dozens of projects at VWorker, Elance,; mostly in system programming and security fields;
• algorithmic programming; participated in ACM/ICPC contests;
[2012 .. 2014]
Software Engineer
@ HeuLab
• development of a network traffic analysis / filtration system, including implementation of a WinSock/LSP proxifier; desined and implemented the entire client-side part of Parental Control System for Windows.