It sees what you see

It sees what you see
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New language

We designed a new language for human-machine interaction: proactive user interfaces. They go beyond words and don't require chatting. By using screen contents as input, NotAI learns what you need and predicts the next step. You don't have to ask when it already knows.

It's you
who understands

It's Not AI

Virtual embodiment

We present a new concept of computer programs: a virtually embodied software. First, it's a software that is integrated and is able to perceive, freeing you from the need to provide inputs manually.

Second, it's a software that is able to act and do it transparently, using the same graphical interfaces as we, humans, do.

Third, it's a software that is fully local, autonomous and indedepndent. In other words, it runs completely on your computer.

Our goal is to provide the standard of human-machine interaction that is open and clear, and we do so by acting.

NotAI is the first software of its kind and it starts the new age of user interfaces. The age when machines work hand-in-hand with us, while we retain control.
Figure 0. NotAI updates itself while being isolated from network with Windows Defender Firewall.
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